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"Making Austin Beautiful One Tree At A Time..."

Serving Austin and Central Texas For Over 30 years

Our expertise is available to you to make your property a beautiful, healthy, and safe environment.

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About Us


We have served Austin's residental and business communities for over 30 years. We are proud stewards of Central Texan's trees.

We work with all types of landscape service related issues. Our expertise is available to you to make your property a beautiful, healthy, and safe environment.

Why Hire Us?

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Hiring a professional is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Fully trained and equipped to provide proper care, we specialize in the care of individual trees and are quite knowledgeable about there needs.

You've made an investment to find the best professional, and we can show you our dedication to making sure the investment you make in your trees can lead to substantial returns.




We prunes and removes stressed limbs, debried rotten wood from cavities, and cable and bolt cracked and weakened trees.

The health of your trees needs to be maintained along with its beauty.

Trimming lower limbs allows nutrients and water to be distributed to the upper extremities.

This process allows your trees to grow upward and outward, making them larger and more beautiful as they grow.


Arborscaping - pruning , planting , removing , stump grinding, deep root fertilization,

Benefits - more healty, lustrous, beautiful trees. A healthy beautiful tree enhances the beauty of the property, increasing it's value. All work done by trained professionals with ropes and saddles.

Liabilities for not caring for your trees: If trees are not properly pruned and fertilized , they could develop oak wilt and other diseases detrimental to tree health.

Untreated and inadequately serving can eventually die.


We will remove dead trees and our speciality is dangerous tree removal..This should only be done by well-trained and experienced fully insured professionals. We often receive the call to remove dangerous trees when other less professional outfits turn down the jobs.

We will not remove a tree unless we feel it is necessary, and at times have advised in favor of saving sick or damaged trees. We would rather cable and bolt a cracked tree to make it safe and preserve it's beauty for another 100 years.

Second only to our commitment to beauty is a commitment to safety – both that of our clients home, but to our employees as well. For this reason, we maintain a two million dollars liability insurance policy.

In short - quality is king.

Services We Provide

Removal of

  • Dead or Dying Trees
  • Hazardous or Harmful Trees
  • Obstructing Trees
  • Trees when Pruning is insufficient
  • Roof Clearance
  • Lot Clearing


There are two types of tree fertilizer - Chemical and Organic.

Organic fertilizer is the most desirable as it has less impact on the environment and will often do the job better than it chemical counterpart.

However, often chemical fertilization is warranted and the most effective means of maintaining your tree's health.

Chemical fertilization works better in the cooler months when it does not burn as much nitrogen.


Sometimes we are called upon to help in urgent situations. Limbs and even trunks can jeapordize your property and in some cases your safety. We can help by quickly meeting you onsite to assess the situation and bring in our team on notice.

If in a disaster or within a recovery, will be available.

We are locally owned and operated and make the accomodations to meet the needs of Austin and Central Texas

Professional Landscaping

Not only are we expert Arborists and special tree service enthusiasts, but we are professional and highly experienced design landscapers

We will tend not only to the beauty and health of your trees, but your entire outdoor scape. We plant sod, shrubs, trees and other ornamental plants.

We can provide mulch which we create from tree debris from your yard and will leave it if you wish to use it later.

We can put your yard on a regular fertilization schedule, and while we recommend and prefer organic tree fertilization methods, we will use chemical fertilization if necessary.



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These guys did a great job on our trees! I really didn't know that much about what I wanted done, but owner came right over, listened to my concerns, then his crew more than delivered on what he promised. Our trees look beautiful. It really pays to use a professional!

If you need any tree work done, Perry Holder is your man. He answers his phone, comes right out and gives you a fair price. In most cases he will do the work the next day! They clean up well, so before you call anyone else, call Perry. You won't be sorry!
-judy o

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